Friday, 16 May 2014

He's the Man

He's a manic
He's a maniac
He styles his world
To fit his image
Of perfection

Upon seeing others'
Dissatisfaction with his
He blames them
Maims them
Trims them down
with words of hatred
Fit to sound like love
Styled to his perfection

Yes, a true wolf
In sheep's clothing is he
A pious, pompous fool
Who believes in his own righteousness
When he's right
He's cool
When he's wrong
That's cool
Whatever goes right or wrong
Whoever he hurts
He's cool
He's the man

He's there in my life
He's there in yours
Torturing you and me
To no end until
One of us realizes
The one really hurting is
His father, his mother,
Or maybe a disgruntled teacher
Treated him that way
And now that's the only way
He knows how to treat people

It's hard as hell
And sometimes fruitless
But to pay the pain-in-the-ass in kind
Is to play his game, to wear his tailored sheep's clothes.
The only way to break his spell
Is to try to understand his pain
And find out where he's coming from.
Sometimes that entails acts of kindness
And sometimes it means telling him to fuck off.
Telling someone to fuck off is sometimes
The greatest act of kindness.

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